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About the company

482.solutions is a software engineering provider specializing in innovative solutions using decentralized technologies.

The key competency of 482.solutions is creating solutions for "Industry 4.0" issues: Blockchain, Future of Energy, Digital Identity, Decentralized Asset Management, Financial Products, and Services.

Technology Stack:

- Rust, Golang, and JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js, React).

- Ethereum (Parity), Hyperledger Fabric, IPFS, libp2p, Tendermint.

- AWS, IBM, Kubernetes, Docker, Kibana, Ansible, Jenkins.

Together with 482.solutions, you can:

- Get turnkey blockchain-powered software business solution.

- Extend your team with engineers and scientists with solid expertise in distributed systems to boost R&D projects.

- Implement real IoT and Robotics solutions using blockchain technology, ensuring safe data and assets/value transfer between devices.

- Apply tokenization in various business models, including further technical development and solutions implementation in your project ecosystem.

- Automate your enterprise business processes through the introduction of robots, developed using distributed ledger technology.

In our work, we combine a set of best practices and approaches for software solutions engineering. They include the iterative delivery model, quality assurance, team management, and project governance. The application of these practices ensures smooth project progress, transparency, and high quality of the deliverables.


Webflow job openings

- Work on interesting international projects;

- Decent and stable payment of your knowledge and skills;

- Career growth and personal evolution opportunities;

- Ability to get new experience and express yourself;

- Paid educational seminars, conferences, certification;

- Modern office with all snacks onsite or fully remote work;

- Paid intensive training and trial period;

- Great management with no bureaucracy;

- Possibility relocation to the customer office (Europe).

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