Rust Software Engineer (Middle/Senior)

Job Description

Posted on: 
June 15, 2022

482.solutions is a software engineering provider specialising in innovative solutions using decentralised technologies. The key competency of 482.solutions is creating solutions for ""Industry 4.0"" issues: Blockchain, Future of Energy, Digital Identity, Decentralised Asset Management, Financial Products, and Services.


- Working with substrate experience (polkadot.js) and with the open-source Rust ecosystem;
- Working with crypto/blockchain space;
- Working with consensus algorithm and blockchain protocol

Job Requirements

- up to 5 years of development experience using programming language, e.g. C, C++ etc and desire to shift, and/or working knowledge of Rust;
- If you have development experience using C/C++ but with the ability to demonstrate a good knowledge of Rust (professional or otherwise) you will also be considered.
- Experience working with Git and Git workflow
- Practical experience with Agile software development methods
- Knowledge of functional and polymorphism programming paradigms
- Distributed system and network development, knowledge of asynchronous programming paradigms, especially as applied in the Rust ecosystem.

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